Established in 1997, at Estudi Juridic Sánchez & Asociados we have been providing companies with legal advice, both nationally and internationally, for more than 17 years.

In addition to high-quality legal advice, our tried and trusted team of professionals, specialising in the different branches of commercial law, provides our clients with judgement, knowledge and experience to help them manage their business.

We are part of the prestigious international network ADVOC, which brings together 87 law firms in 63 countries across all five continents, giving us access to experts from all over the world and allowing us to provide advice on a global scale. Each member of ADVOC has been chosen on the basis of their proven reputation and fulfilment of standards in relation to professionalism, efficiency and customer service, conferring a guarantee of quality on member firms.

We also have an extensive network of partners, accredited by our quality standards, with who we regularly work on projects, in such a way that we look for the maximum efficiency and flexibility of a team depending on the project. In addition, we try to find the most appropriate specialist for each case.

Our experience in setting up foreign companies in Spain and, in general, in international matters, as well as our team’s command of different languages, allows us to offer our clients added value, giving us a competitive advantage.