Why you can rely on Estudi Jurídic Sánchez & Asociados, S.L.P

… Because we believe that knowing our clients’ business activities and their market sector is essential if we are to offer them competent legal solutions based on a sound business approach.

… Because we know that it is indispensable for you to be kept informed on an ongoing basis of developments in the work you have assigned to us, and that the information we provide to you, in the language in which you communicate internationally, be clear and concise.

… Because we are accessible to our clients and respond quickly to their needs.

… Because we cooperate closely with specialists in other fields of importance to the client.

Because Estudi Jurídic Sánchez & de Canals is Your business law firm.

Our philosophy

  • To abide strictly by the ethical rules which govern our professional practice. 
  • To defend our clients’ interests at all times, fulfilling the assignments they entrust to us with the highest degree of care and diligence. 
  • To be honest and loyal to our clients, prioritizing their legitimate interests above any other objective. 
  • To always be independent, thereby guaranteeing that the client’s interests will be defended objectively. 
  • Not to involve ourselves in any issues which may result in a conflict of interest with other assignments accepted by our firm. It is likewise our duty to inform the client of any family relationship, friendship or situation of any other nature which might compromise our independence. 
  • To keep the oath of professional secrecy concerning any facts or news to which we are made privy by reason of our professional status.  
  • To continuously endeavor to improve our services, seeking to know the client’s opinion on the quality of the work we have performed and degree of satisfaction. 
  • To receive ongoing training to guarantee the quality of our services.

Because our clients say so.

Our client’s rights

  • To be provided in advance with a quote for the cost of our services.
  • To request a reasoned opinion on the expected outcome of the issue.
  • To be duly informed of developments in the work they have assigned to us.
  • To be billed for the provisions of funds delivered.
  • To receive a detailed invoice for fees due, together with receipts for any disbursements made by the firm in relation to work performed for the client, in keeping with the quote provided in advance.
  • To be entitled, at any time, to request the return of any documentation delivered to us.
  • To be freely entitled to change their lawyers at any time, after providing suitable notice to the firm.